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There’s not one of us who doesn’t struggle daily with internal obstacles, be it stress, self-doubt, negative habits, lack of motivation - however, for several decades science has recognized evidence-based ways to overcome such obstacles. So why aren’t they prevalent in our everyday lives?

We're here to change that. Our team, which includes one of the most prominent figures in this field, has spent over a decade researching this question.

Imagine how much potential and happiness is lost because of these obstacles - for everyone, across all cultures. That's what we fight for at VIVID - we scalably help people overcome internal obstacles.

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar
Tal is an internationally renowned teacher and author in the field of happiness, having taught two of Harvard's most popular courses of all time and authored several worldwide best-selling books
Gidi Kadosh
Gidi is a social entrepreneur focused on human potential. Previously, Gidi founded Effective Altruism Israel, a nonprofit that promotes tools for measuring and prioritizing projects based on social impact.
Gidon Kadosh
Almog Cohen
Almog has over twelve years of extensive experience in Full-Stack development, and managed both Mobile and Full-Stack software teams. Today, Almog leads the development efforts of VIVID.
Almog Cohen
About the book

The 3 Rs of Change

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar's forthcoming book discusses VIVID's methodology in-depth. Below is a short description of the book.

When it comes to bringing about lasting change, it turns out that by and large philosophy had it wrong and religion had it right.  The philosophers’ error is captured by Socrates, considered the father of Western philosophy, said that “To know the good is to do the good.”  In other words, once we know what is the right thing to do—what is good—right action will automatically follow.  That is, unfortunately, incorrect.

On the hand, over the past millennia, religion has been inspiring billions of people into strict routines, and made actual, large changes in individual lives.How does religion do that? By utilizing the “Three Rs of Change”: Reminders, Repetition and Rituals. What if we could combine this methodology, with what science knows today? 

In his forthcoming book, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar presents a new method that recapitulates what science knows today on personal change, into a simple, every-day, practical framework. 

VIVID takes the simplicity of this method even further, and guides users in applying this method to their life. Doing so, we are able to provide an innovative, simple and straightforward way to bring about lasting personal change.

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Tal Ben-Shahar
Unshackling things from an early age
Gidon Kadosh
Gidon Kadosh
Designing unique and unshackling experiences
Lior Youngstein
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