VIVID for Wellbeing Professionals

As a part of our strategy, we're empowering wellbeing professionals - workshop facilitators, coaches, therapists, lecturers, and consultants.

As a wellbeing professional, you can provide your clients with "personal change plans" that you've created in VIVID in advance, with your own methodology and brand.
Then, VIVID can:

  • Help your clients implement these "plans" to easily in their lives, and persist with them.
  • Help your clients self-test to see their progress, and make modifications over time
  • Optionally, allows you to escort them through personally their day-to-day practice. 

VIVID is free for your use if your join soon, and likely won’t interrupt your current way of work - but will only make it easier, more efficient, and improve your clients’ experience.


We’d love to help you set up VIVID for your work - contact us!

How does VIVID work?

With VIVID, individuals continuously self-improve by working on multiple personal change plans -  each plan addresses a mindset that underlies an internal obstacle.

Each plan consists of several modules. Each module answers a question like: 

  • What do I want to change or preserve with this plan?
  • ~~For example: perfectionism.
  • What mindset will support this change? 
  • ~~For example: “Nothing is truly perfect. I take things that are near-perfect as perfect.”
  • When will I be prompted to think of this mindset? (by time, location, a codename coordinated with a friend, etc.)
  • ~For example: 
  • ~~1 hour after entering the location named “work”
  • ~~A sticker on my laptop charger
  • How will I practice this mindset? (imagination exercise, journal with text input, videos, and many more customization options)
    For example, a different input field each day:
  • ~~Is there anything planned for today that I’m likely to get perfectionist about?
  • ~~Imagine a situation where this mindset would help you. What change did it make?
  • ~~Recall the last time you over-perfected something - what could have served as a sign that you should stop?
  • How will I measure progress on this plan?
  • ~For example:
  • ~~Daily count of over-perfection instances (upcoming feature)
  • ~~VIVID’s suggested subjective assessment of productivity (upcoming feature)
  • ~~VIVID’s default assessment of subjective progress on plans

How can VIVID help you?

VIVID helps wellbeing professionals in four separate ways:

1. Pre-made plans

Workshop-based projects can send a readymade plan to their participants at the end of workshops, that would contain the main insights from the workshop, along with concrete steps for implementing them. 

Got several clients with similar problems, or that need similar solutions? With this feature, you can create a VIVID plan, and then send a link to it your clients - within one click, your clients can start applying their insights from the workshop. 

2. Following up on clients’ practice

Users on VIVID can add other people as accountability buddies, and choose which plans to show their buddies. Their new buddy can view their plans and practice details, and can both help them improve their plans and encourage them to continue practicing. 

3. Test and improve plans over time

VIVID users can provide their buddies with edit permissions, which allows you to fine-tune their plans. 

This fine-tuning can be done according to your professional opinion, and according to VIVID’s custom testing features. 

4. Publicize your services

Once you’ve created pre-made plans, you can publish them to VIVID’s community. You can create and design your professional profile, where users can see your published plans, read about your services, and follow the link to your website. 

You can also decide to have your profile shown / featured only to users who have a specific invitation code (e.g. members arriving through the EA movement).

All professionals can choose to publish their methodologies and plans to the app’s community, and set up profiles with further descriptions and links for their projects. These plans and profiles could also be advertised only for EAs.

Feedback - tailoring VIVID for you

If you're seeing this, VIVID is meant to be tailored for you. Whatever you think would help you help others with removing internal obstacles, we’d love to hear it. 

The best way to provide us with feedback, take a screenshot at any place over the app. You can also write to us on hello (at) We’re waiting to hear from you!

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