VIVID is a social startup helping people find the most effective ways for them to overcome internal obstacles.

We wish to shift the notion of personal growth from something abstract and vague that is mostly based on content-consumption, into extremely practical, effectiveness-based, everyday practice.

VIVID was co-founded by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar - one of the most influential figures in the field of positive psychology, having taught two of Harvard's most popular courses of all time and authored several worldwide best-selling books - with his forthcoming book describing VIVID's methodology.

The VIVID platform

VIVID’s idea is simple; Our mobile platform lets anyone continuously self-improve by working on multiple plans - each plan addressing a mindset that underlies an internal obstacle.

To create a plan, you simply choose a topic and get ready-made plans that the VIVID community has built for it, or use these plans as inspiration and create your own.

You have extensive flexibility in shaping your plans, and you can measure your progress with research-based metrics, in order to improve it over time (optionally, with the guidance of a professional or someone close).

This way, VIVID learns over time which templates and tools are most effective for different categories, and can make recommendations based on what really works. We aim to build an impact-based marketplace of plans where content is not competing on popularity, but competing on helping individuals as much as possible.

We're committed to impact

We view ourselves as an impact-aligned startup - which means that our goal is to maximize our social impact. We don’t see ourselves as just a product-centered company, but as a collaborative project that enables VIVID's community to solve one of the biggest bottlenecks for broadly increasing wellbeing and human potential. 

We have a very detailed approach to how we define impact, and how we view the impact of VIVID - learn more in this article:

We're empowering creators

The heart of VIVID is a community where people help each other through plans for changing internal obstacles. 

The idea is that we don’t tell people how to change - but rather provide them with extensive flexibility in creating these plans, and allow sharing them with others.

Why is this flexibility important? That’s how we give the power to the users. You can virtually use VIVID to create almost any “intervention” from academic literature, any methodology taught by a coacher, any insight from a self-development workshop, or any method that worked for you and you want to share.

This way, we wish to empower wellbeing professionals - not only they can use their own methodology to create plans for their clients, but they can also escort and support their clients during their journey to personal growth.

We're still setting things up

Our team completed a seed round on the end of August 2022, and we're now working on uploading more content and communicating our plans.

We will soon write more about setting up a community of creators, building a transparent and community-based product map, and building the VIVID organization.

In the meanwhile, feel free to approach us with any question at hello(at)VIVID-app(dot)me.

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